This website is a local support zone for teachers students at  North Chadderton School .  It should be possible to extend the resources and support facilities to other schools, and clusters of users, as it develops and evolves.  It is not an official website of 21st Century Science; its main purpose is to provide support and assistance to students and teachers who will be starting the course at our school, from September 2003.

The website will be developed from June 2003, and should have a host of resources, ideas, links, forums, and quiz zones by September 2003 .  Therefore, by September, we will be in a much better position to start the course.  The outrageous qualities that we have at this point are enthusiasm, drive, and innovative ideas.

The zones are intended only for those schools who will be embarking upon 21st Century Science.  All resources will be generated by students and teachers at our school.  These resources are to be considered 'Open Source' , and will be released under the Open Zone, for other students and teachers to use.  No other resources will be available on this website.  Those schools taking part in the pilot course can obtain approved support materials from the official website at

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