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Learning objectives (3)
by Martyn Overy - Sunday, 16 January 2005, 9:22 AM

The learning objectives are available in doc, pdf, or html (webpage) formats. Revision questions are being added to accompany these objectives.

C1 You and your genes 
doc pdf html  revision exercise 1

C2 Air quality
doc pdf html

C3 Earth in the Universe
doc pdf html 

C4 Food Matters
doc pdf html   revision exercise 1

C5 Radiation and Life
doc pdf html

Ge1 Homeostasis
doc pdf html   Revision Exercises

Ge2 Chemical  Patterns
Revision Exercises

Ge3 How and why things move
doc pdf html 

Exercise 1  Exercise 2   Formulae

AP1 Life care 
doc pdf html