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Developing a Global Dimension of Science
by Martyn Overy - Sunday, 6 July 2003, 7:30 AM
The Association for Science Education launches a new support zone for schools. The focus is on the 'Global Dimension' of Science. The ASE is the professional association for teachers of science. It has a membership exceeding 20000, including primary and secondary teachers, technicians, educators involved in Initial Teacher Education, and over 500 student members.

The ASE has recognised the importance of a global dimension in science for some time, and this has been reflected in its highly successful 'Science across the World' venture, organising and arranging links between schools across the world.

To extend this global dimension even further, the ASE has now produced guidance for schools and educators on practical ways to embrace and promote global dimension in science education.


In a joint publication with The Development Education Association the ASE has produced 'Science:The Global Dimension' for teachers involved in KS3 and KS4 science.

It is a well-structured and organised document, containing useful information, guidance and ideas for science teachers. It can be downloaded from the ASE's website at ASE Global: Science Teaching Issues