Many people are involved in actively promoting and researching topics of interest for both personal and public health. Health matters are influenced by decisions made on personal, national and international levels.

This support zone assists students and teachers. Students should gain a greater understanding of the need to collect reliable data, and how to analyse and interpret the data. There is a focus on techniques and assessments related to fitness, tratment, and care programmes.
It is important to make sure that scientific evidence is accurate and reliable. The careful and accurate analysis of data is also important, and the outcomes can affect our lives, on personal, local, national and international levels.

In this module we will study the importance of accurate analysis of reliable data, and relate a number of different processes to a variety of contexts. These will include: law enforcement, environmental protection, medical diagnosis and consumer health and safety.
In this module we will explore the importance of chemicals and chemical processes in a variety of contexts. Our studies will include small and large scale applications of the use of chemicals. Our three main explorations will be :

1. Making useful chemicals.
2. Planning, controlling and monitoring chemical synthesis.
3. Formulations and effectiveness.