Support zone for students and teachers following the course Radiation and Life

The quality of air is becoming a major concern around the world. This support zone assists students and teachers to focus on health and environmental issues of different air pollutants.

We will consider, discuss and learn about the chemical relationship between the burning of fossil fuels and the various pollutants that are found in the air. We will consider a range of molecular elements and compounds to illustrate chemical explanations.

Our studies will include environmental issues for citizens, on local, national and international scales.
Genetic technologies are opening new opportunities, new visions and setting new horizons. This support zone assists students and teachers to acquire knowledge and understanding of these technologies, and to discuss ethical issues.
In this module we will look at long and short term changes in the Earth's crust, the Sun and the Universe. We will consider how these changes impact on our everyday lives.

Natural disasters is a common theme throughout this module, and earthquakes, volcanoes and asteriod impacts will be discussed and explained. The predictions of these events, how we can cope with them and make plans to avert them will also be subjects of discussion and investigations.